Conferences aren’t just events we attend; they are the beating heart of our commitment to progress. These gatherings provide a platform for us to exchange ideas, collaborate with industry leaders, and showcase our own groundbreaking contributions to the world.

CNA-SNO dental technicians conference on 7 October in Florence


29th edition of the PRAGODENT dental fair will be held on October 12 – 14, 2023 at the Exhibition Grounds PVA EXPO PRAHA in Prague – Letňany

XXIII. Dental World
International Dental Exhibition & Congress
12-13-14 October, 2023 – Budapest

Cadex Almaty Kazakistan

18/10/2023 – 20/10/2023. Almaty, Kazakistan

Colloquium Dental
Italian Dental Show

19-21 Oct 2023
Centro Fiera del Garda
Via Brescia 129 – Montichiari (BS)

4 novembre 2023

San Paolo Palace Hotel
Via Messina Marine, 91

AB Academy Roma

16 dicembre 2023