Cylindrical Posts

Cylindrical posts produced by Bioloren have a diameter range from 0,8 mm to 2,2 mm. For each diameter Bioloren supplies the relative calibrated reamer. Cylindrical posts offer a very uniform retention along the whole axis of the root canal.

RX fiber posts

Fiber posts with a metal wire in the middle high visible at RX without changing the chemical composition of the fiber posts. RX posts are available only in cylindrical shapes.

Cylindrical Reamers

Each size of fiber post has its relative reamer. Our stainless steel reamers are designed for a lateral cut with a profile few microns more than the referred post to allow cementation. Bioloren reamers last more than 30 sterilization cycles without becoming dark.

Cylindrical sizes

0,8 mm
1,0 mm
1,2 mm
1,4 mm
1,7 mm

The cylindrical reamers are recognized by the number of rings

sizeNr of rings
Diam 0,8 mmNo ring
Diam 1,0 mm1 ring
Diam 1,2 mm2 rings
Diam 1,4 mm3 rings
Diam 1,7 mm4 rings