High molecular weight polyethylene fiber.

InFibra is a polyethylene fiber reinforcement tape and is the most advanced and reliable solution for the construction of temporary bridges, reinforcement of bridges and prostheses, temporary stabilization of artificial teeth, paradontal splint, orthodontic retainer and space maintainer.

The particular weave allows the best distribution of loads and complete impregnation with all fluid resinous composites, with unloaded adhesives and with acrylic resins.

When combining it with a composite with or without a filler, the InFibra Tape produces reinforcement systems whose elasticity module approaches
very much the one of dentine. As a result, the artifacts not only integrate aesthetically, but especially functionally.

The InFibra Tape is highly resilient, easily adapts to dental surfaces and does not re-emerge from the position in which it is fixed as it has no
“shape memory.”

It is white, translucent, highly camouflaged as the texture lines disappear when coated with composite. The texture has meshes wide enough to allow impregnation. The result is a perfect integration within the reconstruction. The InFibra Tape complies with all the essential requirements of the “oral cavity”. InFibra Tape is available in different heights.

– Biocompatible
– Resistant
– Dimensionally Stable
– Compatible with all resinous cements and acrylic resins
– High stress resistance
– Durable
– Aesthetic
– Low fluid absorption
– Handy

Elasticity module 95 Gpa
Traction Resistance 3.0 Mpa
Specific Weight 0.97 /cm³
Elongation percentage 2,4%
Water Absorption >0,9%
Fusion Temperature 145°C
Testing of Genotoxicity, Cancerogenicity and Reproductive Toxicity ISO 10993-3 and cert. Japanese Negative
Cytotoxicity test ISO 10993-11:2006 Negative
Acute and systemic toxicity ISO 10993-10:2010 Negative
Delayed hypersensitivity test ISO 10993-10:2010 Negative
Irritation ISO 10993-10:2010 Negative
Liquid absorption test 0.8 μg/m³ ISO 10477-2009
Solubility test – INSOLUBLE – 0.1 mg/m³

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