Bicore post is a fiberglass post made of an upper part (abutment part) and a lower conical part (post part). The upper part is easily reshaped with a diamond bur for a quick reconstruction. The lower part can be be inserted in the root canal or in an implant and it’s self threading. Bicore satisfies the need for a proper reconstruction of the devitalized tooth with serious coronal damage. In addition to endodontics, Bicore is also used as a cementable stump in implantology in cases of failed implants.

Micro-rough surface

Available in two sizes: small and large

The quickest solution for the build-up.

Bicore allows to save on the cement by reducing the number of cement layers since much of the core build up is already done.

Bicore can be used in conjunction with another Bicore in multi-roothed tooth reconstructions


Bicore, patented by Bioloren, is made of two separate parts: a post part and a stump part.

The post part can be adapted according to clinical needs.

This is mostly used for the reconstruction of particularly decrowned teeth.

Bicore offers very good aesthetic results in case of direct restorations.




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