InFibra spool

InFibra spool

Fiber ribbon for periodontal splints, space maintainers, fixing bridges and prostheses, reinforcement of teeth with mobility, orthodontic retainer.
High molecular weight polyethylene fibers.
Spools (standard), from 50 cm.


Polyethylene fiber reinforcement ribbon

The most reliable product for a ready long-term solution

Light, handy, comfortable, aesthetic, durable, resilient, absence of dental sensitivity


-reinforcement of bridges and prostheses

– temporary bridges

-Temporary stabilization of artificial teeth

-Periodontal splint

-orthodontic retainer

-space maintainer


InFibra ribbon is available in different heights.

– Specific weight below water

– Handy

– Comfortable

– Aesthetic

– Durable and resilient

– Absence of dentine sensitivity


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